Sunday, September 30, 2007


I guess since it has only been a month since people tagged me, I will finally get around to doing it!

Jobs I've had- Babysitter (starting at age 9; seriously), housecleaner, retail (Bugle Boy, Danskin, and Old Navy) Babysitter (again), telephone call center (worst job ever!), Wellness consultant (those paid jobs and those unsolicited by my family!), aerobics instructor, wife & mother (my two favorites).

Places I love to go for a weekend- I would love to go anywhere for a couple of days alone with my husband. I believe it has been 5 1/2 years since we have had time alone!

Guilty pleasures- eating, watching T.V., and reading. The best is making it a combination like eating while watching T.V. or reading. I try not to read good books anymore because I become a hermit when I am in the midst of a good book or series. Thank heavens Luke can pour cereal and milk for himself and Noah.

Places I have lived- Colorado, Utah (Woodland, Murray, and Provo), Jerusalem, Tulsa, and Las Vegas.

First thing I thought when I saw Rick- "Joni's date is WAY cuter than mine!" "He has such a cute butt."

Places I've been on vacation- Las Vegas, North and South Carolina, Yellowstone, California, Florida (twice), Hawaii (twice), Georgia (can you count Airborne school as a vacation?) Lava Hot Springs (unfortunately), Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Hong Kong, Mexico.

Favorite Food- Potatoes. Anyway you can think to make them.

If I am in a jam with Rick- nothing. I have exhausted my bag of tricks with him. He no longer responds to crying, silent treatment, screaming, or sleeping on the couch. I just have to get over it.

Best first kiss landmark- Kamas Derby! Actually it was after the derby, but in my mind my first kiss with Rick will always be linked to crashing cars and drinking, swearing, screeming derby fans (read: white trash)

Places I'd rather be- I think we all know I'd rather be in Utah!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mas Mexico

This weekend Rick and Luke made a very quick trip back to Mexico for Luke's spacer to be put in. They left friday night and came back saturday night! I told Rick it was a long drive for a 30 minute dentist appointment. Anyway, everything went great and for the time being Luke's dental work is done!!!! When luke got back home he said he needed to look at his spacer in the mirror and went upstairs to inspect. A minute later he came back down and said "I don't know what the hell is in my mouth." I just looked at him with mouth hanging open. I almost laughed, but thought I should not encourage bad lanuage from my children. I said to him "Where did you hear something like that?" He answered "Ninja turtles". Okay, who knew that crime fighting mutant turtles used bad language? I tried not to get to mad at him beacuse he did not know he was saying something bad. I have etched in my memory a time when Allen and I were playing at the church while my mom was cleaning and we were using language we had heard on T.V. that we didn't know what it really meant. I can still remember the spanking on that one. Needless to say, I have NEVER said that word again, mom.

While in Mexico Rick did a little shopping. No, not to buy me a fake prada purse, or beautiful mexican pots, but for a Nacho Libre mask. If you haven't seen that movie, you should. It is one of Rick's favorites. In fact he loved it so much that he now has a Nacho Libre mask. He has promised me that is I can find blue tights and red briefs and cape he will dress as Nacho for Halloween. So I am currently on the hunt. If you are in posession of any of the above please send them to me. I am dying to take Rick to our ward trunk or treat as Nacho Libre. Rick said that he wanted a nude colored shirt, but I said he had to be authentic...shirtless.

Rick also bought a cowboy hat, and I don't like it. He loves it because he said it is just like Gus' hat from Lonesome Dove. I agreed. It is like a hat for a 70 year old man in the 1800s. So Rick has put it to a vote. DO you like the hat?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

More Fundraising

Here is the link for any of the family members that wanted to order something from Luke's school's fundraiser.

If you want to order online, Luke's school is Eileen Connners Elementary, but if you want to save shipping then call Olivia and she'll order it for you.

Thank you so much.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

This week

Life is good. Each day has it's own little routine and keeps up hopping. This week Luke started piano lessons, and totaly loves it. His teacher is in our ward and is darling. She use to be an elementary school teacher and is full of energy. He loved his first lesson and already has his first weeks songs memorized. He often playes them with his eyes closed, just for show! He told me the other day that he wishes everyday was monday so he could have piano lessons everyday. He is just so excited about learning. He is dressed for school and done practicing the piano by 7:30 am everyday. Let's hope he keeps this excitement for years to come.

While Luke was at piano lessons, I took Noah up the road to a little community playground and snapped some pictures. He is sooooo cute. He loves to ham it up for the camera, and has such a "natural" little smile. (Like mother like son) He got this little Bob the Builder book from the library a couple of weeks ago and hasn't put it down since. Yes, he has to have his "Bop" book when he takes a nap. (Again, like mother like son)

So life rolls on by day after day. These little times in my day sometimes seems insignificant, but this is really why I am a mom. I love to see my kids learning and growing day after day.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

More Mexico

More sweet pictures of Mexico. You'll notice the famous smile was not lost with Noah.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Viva Mexico!

Well, finally I have some time to come an update my blog. I hope that you all have enjoyed the comments I have put on your blogs, and will try to remember that I do not have internet access at please don't expect commets more than on the weekends and no more demands for updates!

Anyway, we had a really fun labor day weekend in California and Mexico. We left on Thursday evening and drove to Blythe. It wasn't too long and we were there by about 10:30 pm. The distance isn't that far, but the roads are crazy. From about Searchlight, NV (which is about an hour or a little less from LV) to Blythe the road is just a two lane road that is more like a roller coaster than a road. Once you hit the end of the Nevada border the road is really bad. I guess we actually use some of our gambling money to grade the land before we just throw asphalt on top of it. California does not. Rick loved the road. He thought it was exciting to try to pass three semi-turcks at once while flying over the roller coaster dips in the road. I did not enjoy it much and quickly remembered why no one wants to be my partner on the amazing race.

Blythe was pretty fun. Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Tom were a lot of fun to be with. We had a great time eating salsa, carne, and fresh fruit. We had lots of fun just sitting and talking. Their pool was great, especially for me because Rick could tend the boys and I just floated around sun tanning.

Mexico was a little more than and hour away on the same type of roads. We went Friday for Luke's first appointment and decided to come monday and have him put to sleep and get all of his work done at once. For some reason the idea of putting him out was a lot scarrier that having dental work done in Mexico, but the dentist told me to have faith in her and god and everything would work out. Luke had some blood drawn that day, which he cried and screamed about; but the sling shot we bought him after make it almost better.

Monday we went back to Mexico for the big dentist day. I also had an appointment and got a couple of silver fillings changed to white. Luke did great! He was in and out in about 2 1/2 hours. The dentist and doctor were both very nice and very competent. Luke's teeth didn't even bother him very much for that day or the days to come. He had two root canals and crowns and five fillings. He also had an impression taken for the spacer he will get put in on the 22nd. Rick and Allen are taking him back then. We shopped a little after that and bought some medicine, vanillia, sunglasses, and pots. Luke was rewarded with a new Turtle piggy bank. Oh the wonders of Mexican shopping. Noah was great throughout it all. He was happy to shop and pose for pictures. We had a couple of offers for him, the most being $10. We decided to keep him anyway, although I think he could be a good little salesman. The shop owners seemed to love him. The one picture was set up entirely by three little men with the hat, the maraccas, and singing with "Johnny Cash".

Well, without making this entry into a novel I will say that we had a great time and are bound to make another trip to Mexico and the dentist.