Friday, July 27, 2007

Oh, Noah!

As many of you know, Noah is a true challenge for me. He is SO BUSY and NAUGHTY. It seems that there is hardly a miute that goes by without him getting into something he knows he should not. At home some of his favorite things to get into are my deodorant, dental floss, markers, and books (to rip them, of course). Here at grandma and grandpa's house he has found some new favorites. You have probably seen the pics of the bag balm incident, here is one more. This is after he is half way cleaned off! (Not to mention it is the second time in the day). He has also discovered the big pottted plant, and with it the big pot of dirt. He made a huge mess with the dirt one day and I got after him. I guess it did not do much good (it usually doesn't) because the very next day he did the exact same thing. Grandma tried to hide it from me so I wouldn't get after him again, but this time grandpa took over the punishment and really scolded him. Maybe that would work...oh no. This pic is of the last time that we found him in the dirt. It is a small mess compared to the previous two times. It took me until the 3rd time to remember to take a picture of it for the blog. Children are a true test of paitence!!!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Happy Pioneer Day

What a fun 24th of July we had. Luke and Noah were both in the children's parade in the morning. Luke decorated a scooter with red streamers and an American flag and "scooted" the whole way through the parade. I was nervous that he would be really tired because he pushes the scooter the whole time as he has yet to master the art ot pushing then riding. He did great, but said that he was tired at the end. Noah rode in the wagon with Mia, providing me some great solo time to enjoy things without chasing him around.

In the afternoon we went to listen to the Bar G Wranglers sing. It was really entertaining, and Luke knew the words to most of the songs.

The last picture is of the cousins (the Butikofers, the Averetts, and the Gunnersons) riding down the driveway at Billie Jo and Tim's house. I was the only adult present and really instigated the entire thing. All of the kids loved it! As the other parents came out to see, they were a little concerned about the speed at which their children were going down the cement driveway and into the road (or neighbors yard!). I wish the picture was a litttle more clear. They were having a great time. Noah was also in the race, but had the most wrecks. He has a very high tolerance for pain and just kept getting up. Now, that's something you can't do outside in the summer in Las Vegas!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Our new blog!

Ok, Ok. I will start a blog while I am here in Utah. I don't know how I am going to keep it up when we go back to Las Vegas because we don't even have the internet! Oh, well, here goes.

We have come home to Utah for the month of July to attend Darin's wedding and escape the Las Vegas summer. Rick went back to LV to work while the boys and I stayed here for the remainder of July. We have been enjoying our time with family and have especially enjoyed being able to go outside.

Here are some pictures of the boys I have taken while we have been here. The picture of Luke is at Bountiful Temple when Darin was married. Noah's picture is at the reception later that night. They are both getting so big! Luke starts Kindergarten this fall and has Mrs. Ruiz for his teacher. He could not be more excited. Noah turns 2 in October, but is so advanced for his age that he is already in the "terrible two's". Allen took the picture of Rick throwing Noah in the air and has since been looking for a family law attorney to try to get the kids taken away from Rick. Noah really loves it! The last picture is of me and Noah planting apple trees up on our property in Woodland. Everyone has scoffed at me when I have said that I was going to plant tree there years before we planned on living there, but they won't be laughing when I have nice big trees!