Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Daddy's Girl

I guess it's only fair. I mean, all of my other children look like me (or my brother!). I couldn't expect to have that much strength in the gene pool. Eventually one of my children was bound to look more like their dad. Now Rick has one he can finally claim...his daughter! Yep, even though we thought that Liv looked just like me when she was born, the older she gets the more she starts to look like Rick. I hear it everywhere we go. "Wow, that baby sure looks like her daddy." "Oh my, she looks just like Rick!" "Well, isn't she daddy's little girl." Last night at dinner Rick was holding Liv on his lap and letting her suck on a piece of cantaloupe. Rick loves cantaloupe. I detest it. So here is further proof that Liv is truly turning out to be Daddy's girl. We were all laughing so hard at Liv sucking the juice out of her cantaloupe. Whenever Rick would take it away, she would instantly start crying until he put it right back up to her mouth. I took a darling video of her, but of course I cannot make it load. Fortunately, this picture is cute enough to get the idea!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back to School

Where did the summer go? Didn't it just start? It's hard to believe that school is already here. I love the freedom and fun of summer, but I also love the structure and schedule of life during school. Both Luke and Noah have been very excited for school to start...and so have I!

This boy has been ready for school since his "BFF", Mia, went last year. Needless to say, he was extreemly excited to be going to Kindergarten.
I LOVE Noah's face in this picture. For all the trouble he gives me, he is very loving. He has been the MOST loving big brother Liv.
Noah gets on the bus at the babysitter's house since I am at work. Elijah, along with all of the other kids, walk him out to the bus stop. Poor Elijah was convinced that he was going to "tinderdarten", and was pretty disappointed when he wasn't going to school. Thankfully Marianne took pitty on him and started pre-school a week early so he could say he goes to school too.
Ready and waiting for the bus.
After I got Noah on the bus I drove to the school so I could see him go into class. As those kids walked by I could not believe how tiny they seemed. Noah is actually one of the bigger ones!
One week is in the books, and Noah has LOVED every minute of school. I was a little worried about Noah going to school because, let's be honest, he has um... "impulse control" issues. But, he has done SOOOOO well. My fears were unfounded. I asked him how he could be so good at school but still has a hard time making good choices at home. He told me he was good in school because he didn't want to go to the principal's office. He then proceeded to say we needed a principal at home!?!
Fouth grade. Last year in Elementary School. This boy has gotten so big. I am so lucky to have him as a help with the younger boys and especially Liv. This picture is actually a re-shoot of the first day of school. All of the pictures I took that morning didn't turn out too well with the sun and shadows.
Here's the best actual first day of school picture! He got glasses last school year once his teacher informed me that he couldn't see the blackboard. He looks so smart and grown-up in them.

Luke and I have been a little scared of 4th grade, based on all of the reports we have had from others. It didn't help when he found out that he got the most strict teacher in 4th grade! So far, Luke has really liked her and managed to stay out of trouble. You may not think that Luke is possible of getting in trouble in class, but you would be mistaken! He seems to have difficulty keeping his mouth shut! He is constantly in trouble for taking in class. A chip off the old block, I say! So far, so good for this year. He told me, "Mom, Mrs. Benoit doesn't know that I talk in class, so if I just don't do it then she will never know." Good idea. No need to let your history follow you into your new class! We'll see how the rest of the year goes.

What a fun time to see them so excited and eager to get to school and learn. I love it!