Monday, February 18, 2008

Boys oh, boys!

One night Rick left a bag of cookies on the table and Noah really went to town. After a little while of not hearing Noah, I went looking for him because it is never a good thing when all is quiet at home. I found him at the kitchen table with about 20 cookies taken apart and the middle eaten out. I can't really blame him because I think the cookies are gross. Rick always buys those yucky store brand chocolate and vanilla cookies. He and Luke like them, and apparently Noah likes part of them.
Noah was really quite pleased with himself that he could open the cookie, eat out the middle, and not get one bite of the "crust". He is opposed to "crust" on anything.
Luke finally lost his loose tooth. He had been wiggling it for a couple of weeks before it was finally ready to come out. One day at lunch time he was having a fit because he said his tooth was bothering him too much to eat. I thought it was just an excuse because if you know Luke, you know he is not a very good eater. I finally relented that it wasn't an excuse when I could see that it was bleeding. I told him we needed to go into the bathroom and he needed to let me pull his tooth. He was having a meltdown about a bleeding tooth and being late to school. I was having a meltdown because I really didn't want to pull his tooth. I HATED getting my teeth pulled when I was little and was quite tramatized my having my dad sit on top of me and forcing his finger into my mouth to pull my teeth. I do remember one time biting his finger pretty hard and he gave up and grumbled something about hoping I get kids as stubborn as me one day! (Thanks dad!) But, Luke and I both sucked it up and I pulled that tooth right out. He said it didn't even hurt. He was right, it didn't even hurt me either.
The tooth fairy gave him a dollar for his tooth, and Luke said "I wonder how much I will get for my silver teeth, or my spacer because they cost a lot of money!" I would say that the tooth fairy has already paid a pretty penny for those teeth!

I am getting use to the idea of living with boys forever. I guess it is a good thing that I love them so much because at this point I really don't have a choice. I will forever be coutnumber in my household!