Tuesday, February 8, 2011

For the love of the game

To say that Luke loves basketball would be an understatement. It would be like saying the Sahara Dessert is sandy, or Antarctica is cold. Luke LOVES basketball. He plays everyday, watches every game on T.V. (no matter who is playing), and even chooses to read books about it. He keeps his own stats based on how many shots he hits from various points around the basket, and has even started to "coach" Noah. Surprisingly, the coaching has happened without too many fights. LUKE LOVES BASKETBALL! The last two years he has done the rec. center basketball team, but this year he was finally old enough for Jr. Jazz. Rick was equally excited and volunteered to coach the team.

After the first practice it was obvious that Luke/Rick's team was not the most talented group of 8 and 9 year olds, but they both came home from practice excited for the first game. They lost the first game by 15, and the second, and the third. They only lost the 4th game by 2 points, and probably could have won if Luke wasn't out with Strep Throat. The lost last week by double digits AGAIN. While our team struggles with dribbling and passing to OUR OWN TEAM, other teams can shoot 15 foot jump shots, and have ACTUAL plays! I'm not sure how the parents of the other boys feel when I am constantly yelling "Arms up, Johnny*." "Timmy*, find your man!" "Wrong basket, Billy*." I do it out of love. Really I do. I'm trying to help.
*Names have been changed

While all of these substantial losses has diminished Luke's love of Saturday morning games, it hasn't dampened his love for the game of basketball as a whole. He can't wait until spring when the snow is gone and he can practice on our outdoor hoop. (It's NBA issue. If you know Rick you know why we couldn't go with the after Thanksgiving $99 special that I wanted to get. No, ours is full size backboard, breakaway rim, cemented into the ground, adjustable height, and has outdoor lights!)

I know that when the organizers of the Jr. Jazz teams were forming each team they had no way of knowing that they were putting together possibly the worst team in the history of Jr. Jazz, but it happened. Thankfully the season is more than halfway over, and next year brings a new team. I decided that I am going to personally deliver our team roster to the organizers and suggest that this group of boys NEVER be put together again!

Noah and Elijah aren't too keen on sitting and watching the game. They love to run around, "get lost" finding the drinking fountain, and make funny faces for me to take pictures of.