Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fall Piano Recital

It's that time of year again. No, not the holidays. Piano recital time. Last Saturday was Luke's fall piano recital. He did a great job practicing and memorizing his recital piece, and then performing it for the PACKED house. I am glad that he still loves to play the piano, I never really have to nag him to practice. He is constantly playing the piano and composing his own songs.

A smile after finishing. He was nervous, but happy when it was over!

Luke and Tess.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy October!

Yes, I know that November is already half over, but I am finally getting around to posting about October. So, Happy October! As with most things in my life, October seemed to come and go before I even blinked. We spent a few days in St. George with all of my sisters and their kids, we celebrated Noah's 5th birthday, and of course Halloween fun. Somehow Halloween has become a week-long event with parties at every destination...library, school, babysitter's, and church. Even with all of those parties I didn't even take one picture of the boys in their costumes! Oh well, maybe next year.

Noah's new lightsaber night-light.

Heavy, heavy, hangover...
My mom and dad gave Noah some money for his birthday to pick out a new toy. He jumped up and down in the isle at Walmart when he saw the box of aqua sand! Let me just warn you, there is a reason they are playing with it OUTSIDE! If you thought playdough was bad, you should try aqua sand. You've been warned.
Blowing out the candles.
(I should REALLY learn to crop myself out of pictures before I put them on the internet!
Carving pumpkins.
Poking holes is really just about all the boys get to do.
I take over when there are sharp objects involved.
The finished products.

Noah, trying his luck with the doughnut on a string.
He was Dracula, but refused to allow me to put any face paint on. I think it was because he saw Luke act like I was applying acid instead of white face paint and powder!
Luke did a good job at his doughnut, but ended up eating it off of the floor! That is what happens when you bite from the top, Luke. He was also a vampire. I even let him grow is hair long enough to slick it all back.
So, that was October. I know that with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming along so quickly, it will be January before I know it. Now that I am finally feeling better I think I can keep up a little bit more. Feeling better? Yep, if you haven't already heard baby Gunnerson #4 is coming late next spring! I have a few more weeks before my ultrasound and I am still going back and forth on finding out if it is a girl or boy. What do you think?