Thursday, May 10, 2012

Life on the Farm

Most people know I was raised on a dairy farm.  I have many wonderful memories of working alongside my dad, mom, brothers, sisters, and grandparents as we did all that goes into living on a farm.  One thing that I remember well is bottle feeding new calves.  I can still smell the sweet smell of the milk, feel the warmth of the bottle in my hands, and smile when I think of letting the calves suck on my fingers.  As I've said many times, one reason that Rick and I were eager to move back to Utah was to allow our children to have many of those same experiences.  My dad recently lost a mother cow who had just had a calf.  This calf now needs fed twice a day from a bottle.  With a quarter acre fenced off, a shed for protection, and three strong boys, our home was the best place for this calf to come.  It's quite a responsibility to take care of a calf, but that is what I love most about life on the farm... learning how to work and be responsible.  The boys have really taken well to this new responsibility, even being irritated with me for mixing the milk for them when they KNOW how to do it.  Thanks to my mom for the wonderful pictures of the boys learning to feed the calf.  To see more pictures of this day, and hear her version of the story click here.

 Elijah and Evan watch as Luke goes to try his hand at feeding.
 Noah pays close attention as he waits for his turn.
 As the oldest grandson, I'm sure this is the first of MANY learning opportunities on the farm.
 Noah holds the chin just right to help the little calf drink.
This expression is permanent on Elijah's face.  He's the happiest kid I know!