Thursday, February 25, 2010


Get Ready! Here is the big reveal.
(okay, just parts of the big reveal, but hopefully enough to keep you happy.)

Here is a view of the front.

I can't wait to take a picture in the spring when the grass is green and the trees are in bloom. (more about the wonderful tress when they are in bloom and we can really see "popcorn" out of the window.)

Welcome! Coming in the front door.

(Don't mind the blue painter's tape. We'll get to that someday.)

Master bathroom. Ahhhh, I love to have my own sink. AND my own closet there at the end.

Our own indoor hottub!
(The boys quite like it too.)

The beautiful master shower.
My dad did the tile in the showers and it looks amazing. Thanks so much dad.

The great room.
(Rick was on a ladder on the scaffolding to get to the top!)

A look into the kitchen from the eating area. I love it so much. It turned out so beautiful.

The lonley loft.
Futre home of a beautiful custom desk and window seat with flanking bookcases.
(Current home on one lone chair and a single bookcase that doesn't even fit half of our books.)

A look to the entryway from the loft.
(Is that painter's plastic still attatched to the top of the window? Yep.)

Looking out from the loft.
(The railing is two-toned for a reason. That reason being that we haven't finished stiaining it yet.)

The boys bathroom.

A closer look at my dad's wonderful tiling job.

Well there you have it. Eleven pictures of the house. I hope that everyone has had their fill for a while because I can't imagine that I will get the rest "picture ready" for quite some time. I'm much too busy LOVING my new place.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Alive and well

I know, I know. I have been VERY delinquent on keeping up with my blog. I would like to cite ONE THOUSAND things that I have been doing instead, but I don't want this post to sound like a whine session. I have been feeling overwhelmed by the thought of catching up on all of the things that I have missed blogging about, so I have decided not to even try. The holidays were fabulous, and best of all we were able to spend Christmas in our new house. It was truly the best Christmas present I have ever received. We have been in the house for a little over a month and are finally settled in. Most of our stuff has found a place and it is really feeling like a home instead of just a house.

I know that everyone is anxious to get some pictures of the new house, but there are still a number of little project we need to finish, and some cleaning and decorating to be done, before I feel like having the big reveal. Maybe I can take it one room at a time. We'll just have to see. For now you will have to be satisfied with a picture of the boys on Christmas Eve. Ah, blogging world. It's nice to see you again. Let's stay in touch a little better.