Monday, May 24, 2010

Playing Hooky

Shh, I don't want this to get around, but today I am playing hooky.
Elijah has been sick with some sort of stomach bug this weekend, so I decided that I would be a responsible parent and NOT take him to the baby sitter's house today. Yeah, a day home from work! Even though it came at the expense of my sick baby, I get to spend the day home with my boys. I even let Luke in on the action. He has had a cough for a few days now and this morning when I said I was staying home he convinced me that he shouldn't go to school in case he coughed on someone and got them sick. Normally I would tell him to get ready for the bus, but not today. The fact that it has been SNOWING all morning has just made me feel like turning on the fireplace, staying in my sweats, and lounging around. So, that is what we have done.

Lounging on the couch reading books

Drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows.
(Yes, I know it is May 24th, but hot chocolate seems fitting for today!)

Having fun in the snow.
(Yep, snow deep enough to play in.)

Making the most of our CRAPPY Utah weather!