Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring Break St. George Style

How much fun can one mom and three boys have together for one week in St. George? LOTS! We did actually get to have Rick with us for the first couple of days, and he even stuck around on Monday for Luke's birthday, but the rest of the week was just me and the boys. We spent our time riding bikes, playing in the sand, flying kites, going to the park, bowling, seeing Monsters vs. Aliens, visiting with Chelsea and Jack, skinning our knees and elbows at Jumping Jacks, watching movies, reading books, and just enjoying each other. It was really nice to have no time commitments, responsibilities, homework, or bedtimes! Ah, but all good things must come to an end. At least spring has come to Woodland, and we have started working on the house I will have Thanksgiving dinner in.

Luke celebrated his 7th birthday on the 6th of April. He choose to go to Jumping Jack's and play for a few hours and enjoy lunch at IHOP.

My happy handsome little boy enjoying a warm day at the park.

On one especially windy day we found a kite in the closet at Grandma and Grandpa's house. They think of everything! The boys loved getting it up in the sky as high as they could. Of course I ended up getting it out of the sage brush and winding up the string.

Luke has a love/hate relationship with bowling. He loves to bowl, but hates to loose to his little brother. Even though Noah can barely get the ball down the lane, he still manages to knock more pins over than Luke EVERY TIME. So, no big surprise that Luke ended up crying and pouting when the game was over and he lost to Noah and Jack/Chelsea.

Oh, I could just kiss those boys to death!
At the park they found a little stream and spent more time wading in the water than playing. Good thing we have LOTS of water on our building lot. I am sure we can dig a little stream of our own.