Sunday, August 30, 2009


This month has seen a lot of FIRSTS for our little family...

The First First,

I started work at a new job. I actually had to come home from our Bear Lake vacation for a couple of days to start teaching yoga and dance at a school in Oakley. The Oakley School is a private high school for kids who for whatever reason were no longer able to stay at their last school. I work three morning a week teaching two periods. For the most part I have enjoyed it, but lets just say that teaching high school aged boys ballet is a little intimidating. Thankfully the last day of our ballet unit is tomorrow!

The Second First,

Rick started work at a new job. Rick left the law firm in Park City in May and has been working on his own all summer. Things were really starting to fall into place with the Law Offices of Richard Gunnerson, but when he got offered a job in Salt Lake we felt like we had to accept. Literally we HAD to accept. Just try getting a mortgage while being self-employed. So his own office is on hold for a while until we finish the house and finialize our financing. He actually likes his new job quite a bit, but just today he was lamenting how terrible it is to have a real job working for someone else. It really has put a cramp on his house building time.

The Third First,

With me working in the mornings, Noah and Elijah have started going to the babysitters house a few hours a week. I feel lucky because I was hoping to find a mom who stays at home with her kids and was looking to make a little money, and that is just what I found! Her house is on the way to Oakley and the boys have had fun there so far.

The Fourth (and most exciting) First,

Luke started 2nd grade last week! He has a teacher who was teaching 2nd grade when I was in 2nd grade, and he totally loves her. I was a little worried about her being "old" but obviously teaching kids has kept her young in spirit. He already has some friends in his class, in fact we have already had our first sleepover of the year. Apparently Luke and his firend were planning it all week because on Friday afternoon the friend's mom called me and said that her son's bags were all packed to come! Luke reports that he has played basketball every recess, that school lunch makes "the best meat" for tacos, and his teacher REALLY likes to read to the class. So far no mentions of girls or kissing.

So handsome, and big! When did that happen?

Walking to the bus stop.

When the door to the bus opened I saw the meanest bus driver E.V.E.R. Apparenty he was just filling in for the real route driver. Whew.

The Fifth First,

Elijah got his first haircut yesterday. For some reason it always takes someone commenting about how long my baby's hair is to make me think that it is finally time for a trim. I keep wishing that one of my children is going to inherit Rick's family's curls so I let it grow and grow, but instead of curling it just starts looking shaggy. Rick is usually the barber in our family, but he was working on the house when I wanted the cut done. So I got out the scissors and had a go at it! Elijah was NOT the best client I have ever worked with, and what should've taken 2 minutes to trim turned into 20. It seemd that just when I would get his fine little hair inbetween my fingers to trim he would turn his head and I would loose it. I tried to divert his attention with lots of toys, but she thought it was fun to see how many times he could stand up and sit down. ARGH! I finally finished, and well it could be worse. It could be a lot better too, but it could be worse. No matter what his hair looks like I think he is such a cutie!



What an exciting August. Bring on September, we're ready.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mr. Clean

Noah is his grandpa's little helper. He spends as much time with him as he possibly can and is always talking about being a grandpa. For quite a while now Noah has been asking is he could have a haircut like grandpa. Of course I keep putting him off by saying things like, "wouldn't that be fun!" or "maybe when you are a grandpa". Just the other day when I was commenting to Noah about how long his hair was getting he asked again if he could get a haircut like grandpa. This time grandpa was around to hear it and said an emphatic "YES". I said no. Noah begged. I said no. Grandpa encouraged Noah. I said no. Grandpa rationalized that it would grow back in just a couple of weeks. I gave in.

As Noah and grandpa marched up the stairs I was going to mention to my dad not to really cut it quite as short as his. He could give him a buzz, but not totally shave it off. I WAS going to mention it, but I figured that my dad would think of it by himself. I thought he would use prudence in his judgement. Then I remembered that this is the grandpa who swings grandchildren around in blankets. This is the grandpa who gives grandchildren Pepsi before they can even walk or talk. This is the grandpa who lets Noah "surf" on the tire wheel of the tractor. This is the grandpa who takes the boys to the feed store for Pepsi and honeybuns for breakfast. This is the grandpa who lets Elijah ride the dogs. This is not PRUDENT grandpa! This is FUN grandpa! So I was not suprised when Noah came down the stairs and this is what I saw. Now Noah has a haircut like grandpa's...and loves it.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Summer 2009

A slideshow?! I agree. I usually don't really like slideshows because I don't want to sit and look at tons of pictures without any story behind them. But, because of my lack of posting this summer I feel a slideshow will be the only way I can get it all in at once and feel like I am caught up enough to start anew. So here are some highlights of our summer. I HOPE you enjoy!

  • house building projects
  • family reunions
  • parades
  • playing in the creek
  • Learning to walk (Elijah)
  • Lagoon
  • Discovery museam and fountians
  • Bear Lake Vacation