Thursday, June 24, 2010

My 2 year old baby

I find myself often referring to "my baby". I say it at work when I am talking to co-workers, I say it to Luke and Noah when I am talking about their little brother, I say it almost every time I am talking about Elijah. Well I may just need to come up with a new phrase because "my baby" just turned two and I don't know if that still classifies him as a baby! In any case, he IS my baby, and since he refuses to talk, he can't tell me to stop. Here are a few pictures of "my baby's" birthday.

"Cheese!" How cute is Eli's smile for the camera?!

Elijah loves all things farm related, so his farm cake was a huge hit!

Of course instead of wanting to blow out candles or eat the cake, he just wanted to drive the tractor through the frosting. What a mess.
Hauling the "hay" out of the field.
A farm boy through and through.
Racing Evan on the tractors.
The best present of all! A ride on the four wheeler with cousins and brothers.

Elijah got "Woody" for his birthday from my mom, and the next morning, he decided to take him for a horse ride. It was all his doing and TOTALLY cute!