Sunday, September 12, 2010

Best Friends

Throughout my 33 years, I have been blessed with many great friends. Grade School friends to play with, learn with, and have sleep overs with. Middle School friends to talk about boys with, grow up with, and help learn the meaning of real friends with. High School friends to keep talking about boys with, be involved with, and cry and laugh with. College friends to KEEP TALKING ABOUT BOYS WITH, run with, date with, and go to wedding receptions with (and for!). Adult friends to raise my children with, bounce thoughts off, have long talks with, and keep up with. Some grade school friends I still have to this day. Some of my best friends I will have until I die. But, from the day I was born there were built in friends that can never be family. I am so blessed to have three sisters and a mother who truly are my best friends. We count on each other for help, we trust each other with our lives (and those of our children!), and turn to each other in good times and bad. Along with three sisters, I also have cousins. Lots of cousins. I even have cousins my age who I was lucky enough to grow up with and go to school with. Rick and I both have cousins with whom we are very close. One of our main reasons in wanting to live in Utah is to be able to raise our children with their grandparents and cousins, just like we were. I love being best friends with my sisters, mom, and cousins. And I love that my kids are best friends with their cousins too.

McNeil grandkids on the Bisel farm.

(My Great Grandma and Grandpa's place)

The red sand of Sand Hollow

Loving the water.

Here is Luke with 5 of his 2nd cousins. Their moms and dad were some of my best playmates growing up. They only see each other once a year, but they can't get enough of it!

All 5 boys are within one year of each other.

Gunnerson grandkids

Luke's best friend, and cousin, Brody.

Friday, September 3, 2010

First Day of 3rd Grade

Wow! Labor Day Weekend already. That means that the first two weeks of 3rd grade are in the books. I'm happy to report that things could not have gone better. It's hard to believe that Luke is already in 3rd grade. He seems more grown up everyday. He loves his teacher (and so do I), loves to be with his friends, and loves learning. Now if he can keep his talking in class to a minimum things will be perfect!

Waiting for the bus.

Serioulsy, when did he get so big?
It seems like yesterday that he took Nick and Brendan's hands as they walked into the first day of Kindergarten.