Thursday, July 29, 2010


What can I say about Luke that I haven't already said? He is a great kid. I am one lucky parent to have him. With all the busyness of life, it seems that I have neglected to post so many things that he has been doing. So here are some things that my oldest son has been up to...

Luke got a guitar for his birthday, and has been taking a few lessons from "Bishop Rod". He loves to go up the road to "Bishop Rod's" house for an hour of guitar, singing, and talking. They have such a good relationship and I'll bet Luke is one of the only kids around who has a 70 year-old man for a best friend. One day when I picked him up from guitar lessons, he asked if he could have a sleep-over at "Bishop Rod's". Um, maybe not a sleep-over, but you can go visit anytime you want!

What a special day! Luke got to be baptized by his dad in May. He was so excited for weeks before the big day. We were so lucky to have our families there to support us, even Grandma and Grandpa Gunnerson came all the way from Manilla! He is such a good boy and very thoughtful and honest that when the Bishop asked him if he could "endure to the end" (always try to be good) he answered..."maybe." It was so cute to know that he was actually thinking about it and not just giving an automatic answer.

Now that he is 8, Luke is SO happy to be a Cub Scout. He went to his first pack meeting with Grandpa McNeil while Rick and I were on our cruise. By the very next pack meeting he earned his Bobcat. This is us all decked out in our face paint after the meeting. He loves to do his scout stuff and is always bringing me his book to sign off on something!

At one pack meeting he even got to lead the scouts in the flag ceremony! What an honor.

Luke was a telegram delivery man in the 2nd grade play. He came home all excited about having such a long speaking part. He hurried and memorized it and did a great job during the play. Here he is (as usually) with best friend Brody. They had the BEST school year being in the same class. We will see how they do next year without each other.

The last day of school was an awards assembly (which is painfully long, hot, and boring). Here he is with all this spelling awards. He got second in his class, second in his grade, and fourth in the whole school! He obviously does NOT take after me when it comes to spelling.

Just four more weeks until school starts again. It seems crazy that Luke is going to be in third grade! He is growing up too fast, but it is fun to see him get more mature and interested in more things. He is OBSESSED with sports and seriously thinks he is going to play in the NBA when he grows up. I go along with it, because I remember an 8 year-old girl who prayed to grow up to be Miss Universe!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Too Much of a good thing?

Can you really ever have too much of a good thing?
Yep. Especially if you are talking about marshmallows. At the Fourth of July potato planting party (seriously, we did it), we decided to roast some marshmallows and have smores as a reward for all of our hard work. Both my mom and Billie Jo must've been drawn to the "giant roasters" Food Town had on promotion, because that is what we had. It seemed like a great idea, but the reality of it was not.

Stay away from these if you see them in the store.

Even Grandpa couldn't stay clean!

Just TRY to eat this without getting marshmallow EVERYWHERE!

Shockingly, Noah was the messiest.

The marshmallow was bigger than Elijah's hand.
One of these is definately enough.