Thursday, August 4, 2011

Liv's Beautiful Day

Before July comes to a close (shhhhh, I know it's over! My life just runs a few days behind schedule), I wanted to post pictues of Liv's beautiful blessing day. She was blessed on the 3rd of July, and we were so lucky to have our families with us. Even though Lee and Joan live across the world, they have been able to make it to Luke's baptism and Liv's blessing. I am so grateful that they did. It wouldn't be the same without them.

Isn't Liv's dress beautiful? If you can believe it, it was made by her Grandmother. When I first stated thinking about Liv's blessing I decided I would just ask Billie Jo if I could borrow the blessing dress she has. But when Evie's blessing rolled around, Billie Jo couldn't find the dress and ended up borrowing a friend's. I looked around online to see what I could find as far as blessing dresses go, and was shocked to see that they were SOOOO expensive. I almost just sucked it up and bought one, considering my beautiful baby deserved one, but then I remembered what an excellent seamstress my mother-in-law is. I asked Rick if he thought she would be willing to do it and if he would be willing to ask her! They both agreed. With nothing more than a request for a blessing dress, Joan found a pattern and got to work. The dress called for lace over almost the entire dress, and apparently lace is a rarity in the Philippines. When she wasn't able to come across any lace, Joan decided to make her own. Yes, she crocheted the entire lace part! The dress turned out unbelievably beautiful. I had tears in my eyes when they brought it out the day before the blessing. What an amazing talent. I cannot think of anything that could make a special day even more special. Thanks to those who came to share it with us, and thanks to Grandma Gunnerson for the heirloom.