Thursday, June 21, 2012

New Baby and Pinewood Derby

A very original title, I know.  But nothing else really seemed to fit these two random events!  At the end of May my baby sister had a beatutiful baby girl, Ayla Noelle.  Liv just LOVES Noelle so much and always wants to be holding her.  We call them ebony and ivory, and just adore how different they are.  Noelle takes after her mom and dad with her beautiful olive skin and dark eyes and hair.  Liv takes after her dad with his fair skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes.  So different, but both so cute!

 Liv is SOOOO happy to be holding Noelle.
 I hope Noelle can survive so much "love" from Liv!
 It didn't seem that long ago that Liv was my precious newborn. 

Ah, the pinewood derby.  A right of passage for any Cub Scout.  Although we knew about the Derby for quite some time, our busy lives kept Rick and Luke from doing much work on the car until just the night before!  Rick was actually out painting a second coat after midnight!  
 Luke's car was on the end in lane six.  Yep, my little cougar went with a blue and white BYU design!  Suprisingly, being a BYU fan here in Utah puts you in the minority.  I'm so sad that Luke has actually come home from school upset because of what kids say about him liking BYU.  Oh well, I just tell him that we are nice no matter what.  But I seriously almost got in a fight during the Derby when some Utah fans actually BOOED Luke when he won an award for biggest cougar fan.  Really?  You are gonig to BOO a 10 year old boy for his pinewood derby car?  Really?  It just goes to show the CLASS of Utes.  Classy, really classy.
They had quite the set up going for the Derby.  Everything was computerized and official!  All the cars raced in every lane and all the times were automatically entered into a computer so we could have results down to the hundredth of a second! 
 Here is Luke with his awesome BYU car!
Luke didn't win, but did come in sixth. There were 41 entries, so he was actually very happy with how he placed.  He won most of his heats, so he came away feeling very proud of his car.


Cassondra said...

Tell Luke I LOVE his AWESOME BYU car! Seriously. I do. Stay proud, Luke - BYU rocks!
Amen to the unclassy-ness of some other college alumns...just sayin'. Tearing down another school doesn't make yours any cooler - it only makes you look more lame.
Liv - oh, my word. WHAT A DOLL!!! She is seriously SO DARLING! Thank you for the update! Can't wait to see more!
Miss you, my friend. I really do.

Billie Jo said...

Go Cougars!!!!!! There you go Luke.... You will always be smarter and more talented then any of those rude people. I think 6th out of 41 seems wonderful! Yes- Liv is such a blonde that I hope she can enjoy the sun more than her Dad does (cross our fingers)!

Chelsea Johnson said...

Yay! Update! I have a hilarious picture of ebony and ivory where she is so happy to be holding her that she looks like she is about to eat her! What cuties!
I'm so proud of Luke, and the car looks great. Boo to bad sportsmanship:(

Billie Sue said...

Why am I unaware of the "ebony and ivory" title? I know Liv loves Noelle and I think she is so cute with her. It is very nice to see a little baby love another that much!

Regarding sportsmanship (poor) sad to see people model tasteless behavior in front of children and propagate ridiculous prejudices. It is like I tell you guys all the time...there is not a bad education in the State of Utah and neither are there bad people in bad schools. Perhaps if you saw a glass of lemonade you would be excited to drink it for the refreshment it would offer, but others might say the glass is only 1/2 full of sour juice. It's the same -- bad attitude. It is sad to see people model that for children, however.

Can you only imagine the four little girls in the future -- WOW!

Giselle Rasheta said...

So proud of Luke! That is awesome... and I love how much the baby girls LOVE Noelle. They really do want to eat her up. Sometimes I'm a bit scared for her, haha... but it's fun that they love her that much!

Emily said...

YES!! Awesome derby car, Luke! (I'm glad your raising cougar fans, Olivia)

Okay, I can't believe how much older Liv looks - she is definitely her daddy's girl. What a cutie. And you're right, she does look so happy holding that little baby. Aw. . .

We'll be in Oakley in August this year. We'll be baptizing Isaac at the Stake Center there on August 18th. I'd love to get together with you while I'm in town!

Haylee said...

I know I'm not good at leaving comments, but I just had to say that I LOVE reading your blog! You guys are always up to such fun things! We missed you at the Gunnerson Reunion (Luke was so sweet to Matt--he is SUCH a GOOD boy!!) We're excited that next year the reunion is the 2nd week in August so you can go to BOTH reunions!